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Socal Metals was founded in Los Angeles, California, USA, is a collection of scrap metal recycling and processing, logistics and distribution, import and export trade as one integrated company. Since its inception, in terms of improving the export goods quality control management system, or technology to enhance training, strengthening familiar grasp of China's environmental protection regulations and environmental protection control standards, have made great progress. Division reliable past several suppliers, for each batch of sources of supply, the implementation of environmental quality control measures in the United States, with unlimited liability is an independent operating system, detailed division of labor, responsibilities detailed staff of personal responsibility.

The Socal Metals general category of exported scrap metal raw materials: copper, aluminum, iron, etc., for each metal export volume amounted to several 10,000 tons. Operations in the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe and other advanced industrial countries and regions.

Its home related businesses: Wanda Metal Co., Ltd., established in 1996, located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, China's more than 400 employees, specializing in non-ferrous metals, precious metals recovery processing, packaging, smelting and processing, is a collection of the metal copper products processing production, logistics and distribution, import and export trade as one integrated company; specializes in scrap metal processing, engaged in non-ferrous metal recycling companies than large-scale iron and steel enterprises in Guangdong South China Sea. Shihua metal Renewable Resources Ltd., its more than 100 employees, located in Sihui Zhaoqing Asia Industrial Park, the company introduced a comprehensive the precision copper advanced enterprise-class talent, technology, technology and equipment, followed by copper deep processing advanced technologies. After years of efforts, now has the production of high precision cutting copper rod, high-quality hot forging material cold riveting first-class technology, equipment and quality assurance capabilities.

Socal Metals strengthen the international core business and core competitiveness, and make sure the company long-term strategic development plan, is now stable development of its inherent scrap metal trading business cooperation with domestic famous doors and windows, to carry out the window and door profile import sales, in accordance with the requirements of modern enterprise system, and strive to enhance the vitality and economic power toward industrialization, and the all-round development of the ambitious goal of forging ahead, and strive to achieve greater development in the higher starting point, strive to become a strong market competitiveness strong influence on the industry internationally renowned Investment Corporation.

President : Thomas Ye
Vice President: Peter Liu



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