Aluminum Facility

Socal Metals Inc recycling scrap metals company was founded in 2003 in Los Angeles, after years of development, now in 2013 the creation of new office space, a warehouse can be used for the decomposition of the metal, processing and export around the world. There's currently two related companies: Wanda Metal Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, is located in Nanhai, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China, for the designated national waste metal processing enterprises, specializes in non-ferrous metals, precious metals recovery processing, packaging, smelting processing; Shihua metal Recycling Co., Ltd., has a large metal scrap dismantling, processing field, the import of scrap non-ferrous metals from around the world, classification dismantling and processing.


Production of high precision cutting copper rod, high-quality hot forging material cold riveting first-class technology, equipment and quality assurance capabilities. Quality forging material production of air-conditioning valve body have been sold in Japan, Taiwan and other places.

Socal Metals Inc
collection of own funds, engaged in non-ferrous metal processing, handling, and sales, to supply the domestic and international market demand as the goal, and focus on the international market, actively involved in the development and research of production technology in the existing scrap metal business range, efforts to expand the range of new business Minato, expand the import and sales of window profiles, establish the basis for marketing the world's non-ferrous metals market, and with China's economic development policy, actively involved in the ranks of the international trade industrial construction .

Socal Metals Inc
. copper Aluminum alloy exports, production, and sales-based, while expanding the profile trade products to supply all kinds of heavy industry, various domestic and light industry, manufacturing industry raw materials for the ultimate goal, the spirit of "integrity, quality service "for the end purpose, quiet dedication for the construction of the world economy and a light and heat.


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